I am guessing that it is a personal computer?
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19.    Do you clean it regularly? Partly.
18.    Is it something you bring along? Rarely.
17.    Is it used in travel? Sometimes.
16.    Can it be painted? No.
15.    Is it comforting? Sometimes.
14.    Is it black? Sometimes.
13.    Does a basketball player use it? Maybe.
12.    Is it heavy? Yes.
11.    Do you open and close it? Yes.
10.    Can you read it? Yes.
9.    Does it play music? Yes.
8.    Does it use numbers? Yes.
7.    Do you need batteries to use it? No.
6.    Does it make sound? Yes.
5.    Does it have writing on it? Sometimes.
4.    Would you find it in an office? Yes.
3.    Is it hard? Yes.
2.    Would you use it daily? Yes.
1.    It is classified as Other.

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